We Supply and Fit All Glass Types.

Sheet Glass:  is ordinary glass used in most older style homes, it is generally distorted due to the manufacturing process, we can still obtain this glass to help match existing period style homes like villas and colonial homes. ** subject to current standards.

Float Glass: like sheet glass, but has no imperfections. It is distortion free – popular for most homes, but is not safety glass.

Safety Glass: safety glass is normally in toughened or laminated form. Toughened glass will explode into tiny cube portions if broken. It is used widely by the aluminium window and door fabricators and due to its lower weight it is ideal for sliding doors. Laminated glass is  the same as a modern day car windscreen. It will only crack and retains its strength in most situations. It is typically used in local shopping centres. If someone fell against toughened glass they would, in most cases,  net be injured. Laminated glass consists of 2 sheets of glass bonded together with an interlayer .

Patterned: obscure glass is mainly used for privacy instances like a bathroom window or toilet or dividing a lounge door area or front entry area – it comes in float, laminated and toughened form.

Specialised Glass Types

Mirrored: glass is both available in float form and laminated and toughened glass now, so it can be used for bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks and bedroom wardrobe doors in vinyl backed safety form.

Tinted mirror is very popular now in grey and bronze.

Splashbacks: usually made from toughened 6 mm thick glass depending on the sizing of the area, used in any wet area like a kitchen, laundry, bathroom or larder room. many different colours are available as well as digital images on glass, custom colour matching also can be done.

Shower screens: for bathrooms, wet areas. framed in aluminium framing with many colour choices, or totally unframed using thicker glass. bath bi – fold screens for a step-in shower / bath combination or stand-alone corner shower unit. wall channels, brackets or hinges used to fix the panels to the wall. toughened glass generally used.

Full/semi framed or frameless designs, hinged, pivoted, swing, bi fold, fixed.

Architectural glass: solar control glass in blue, green, grey, neutral

Coated, noise reduction glass for noise control, acid etching for partial or full privacy, low e solar control, heat resistant glass for combustion heaters, self cleaning glass, high reflective glass, sun control glass, privacy laminated glass.

Glass Types

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Glass Types


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